My Confessor Admin for Priests – Now Available on Android and Web

Would you like to use this to let people know when you are available? The My Confessor App has a page called “Locate a Confessor.” You can register with us to add yourself to this page. Then anyone who downloads the My Confessor app for iPhone or Android, or brings up the web version, will be able to check on your availability.

Just go to My Confessor Admin to register with us and fill in your information. Then keep your status updated via our free Android App or here at My Application.

We’re working at getting an iPhone version of My Confessor Admin ready next!


iPhone version of app has reached Apple review

The iPhone version of My Confessor was submitted to the Apple App Store about a week ago, and has been in the queue for review, as Apple requires for all apps submitted to them. As of today, we’re officially in review status. I’ll let you know when we pass review and become available in the App Store.